Advanced dental technology plays a significant role in reducing pain, speeding recovery time and minimizing problems for the patient. Our practice incorporates those proven to enhance treatment for the patient, such as those described below.

  • Digital X-rays
    The digital x-ray system requires less radiation and a shorter exposure time than that used by traditional x-rays, captures more diagnostic information and can be enlarged, enhanced and viewed with the patient immediately after being taken. This allows Dr. Skip to detect even the smallest changes that have occurred within the patient's mouth.

  • Intra-oral Camera
    This system allows a tiny camera to be placed in the mouth where problem conditions in the mouth can be photographed and displayed immediately on a screen. This greatly enhances a patient's understanding of his/her existing dental conditions so Dr. Skip and the patient can view these images together and develop a suitable treatment plan to restore dental health.

  • Laser Technology
    Dr. Skip uses the Waterlase® laser by BIOLASE which is a safe, precise, all-tissue laser. The dental laser uses laser-energized water to prep teeth and perform soft tissue procedures. Dr. Skip evaluates each patient's individual needs to determine if laser dentistry is the best treatment option for him/her.

    Some advantages of using Waterlase® Technology are as follows:

      • Reduces discomfort
      • Accurate and quick.
      • Minimizes bleeding and swelling.
      • In some cases, no anesthetic is needed.

  • Electric Handpieces
    Our practice utilizes electric handpieces that have a significantly lower pitch than conventional air-driven turbine handpieces. These help to minimize both vibration and noise.

  • Panoramic X-rays
    Panoramic x-rays allow Dr. Skip to view your entire mouth in a single image. They show your jaw, sinuses, and nasal area and are ideal for diagnosing problems such as impacted teeth, cysts, tumors, infections, bone abnormalities, and fractures.


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